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My Lawn Has Brown Spots!

Posted 2021-06-30

Brown spots are the most common summer problem in our lawns and there are 2 main reasons why:

#1 – FUNGUS!

Summer can bring the most stressful conditions lawns face all year. The excessive heat and high humidity can contribute to major disease outbreaks like brown patch and dollar spot. Lawn disease especially targets grass planted within the last 1-2 years.

A good Fungicide Program can help to reduce disease activity in the lawn during peak summer months. Check out Lawn Cure’s Fungicide Program to help combat this big summer lawn problem!


Your lawn is a living, growing thing that needs regular water to survive. We simply cannot count on rainfall in the summer to provide our lawns with an adequate amount of water. Irrigation is essential!

Water your lawn in the morning approximately 4 days/week. Let your sprinklers run long enough for approximately 1” of water to be applied to the lawn.

Remember, a few extra dollars spent on watering your lawn to keep it healthy in the summer is much more cost effective then trying to seed and a water a brand-new lawn in the fall!!

If you are unsure if your brown spots are due to fungus or water, do not hesitate to call Lawn Cure. Remember, service calls for our clients are always done within 2 business days and are always no charge!