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Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services

Servicing Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, Lawn Cure has been providing exceptional lawn care and lawn maintenance services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana area. As expert lawn care specialists, we have carefully designed and developed the perfect line of the products and services to guarantee a perfect lawn year after year. Our lawn treatment and lawn fertilization programs are specifically designed for the climate and environment of our area and are highly reliable and effective at producing exceptional results.

Lawn Care Services

Our six-step lawn care program is the perfect solution to a beautiful lawn for any yard. Lawn Cure Lawn Care properly times each and every lawn care service for the maximum benefit to your lawn without the expense of unnecessary treatments. We'll give your lawn a clean bill of health! Learn More »

Tree and Shrub Care Service Program

Our carefully designed and tested landscape tree and shrub maintenance program is designed to maintain the beauty of your trees, shrubs and landscape beds by protecting the foliage of the plants, providing the necessary nutrients to the soil to encourage growth, and applying weed suppressants to keep your beds looking beautiful and weed free throughout the season. Learn More »

Pest Control Services

Regardless of the time of year, undesirable pests in your lawn can not only damage your landscaping, but also ruin your family's outdoor experience. At Lawn Cure, we have designed several effective treatment options that work fast and effectively to get rid of troublesome pests fast before they gain access to your home and destroy your lawn and landscaping. Learn More »

Lawn Rejuvenation Services

Lawn Cure offers a complete set of lawn rejuvenation and renovation services including lawn aeration and lawn overseeding and complete new lawn creation services. Learn More »

Lawn Seeding Services

In combination with aeration, seeding can be a great way to thicken your lawn and optimize your lawn care. There are many lawn seeds are available on the market, but not all are going to be optimal for your growing conditions. Call Lawn Cure today to discuss what is right for your particular lawn.

Professional Soil Testing

Often, an improper pH balance can cause problems in your lawn. At Lawn Cure, we understand information is the key to a green lawn. Our lawn care technician will collect soil samples from the property, send it out to a laboratory to be processed and present you with a complete soil analysis report. With this report we can then assist you in constructing the perfect lawn care program for your lawn.

Sulfur or Lime Lawn Service

Sulfur and lime applications are the best way for us to balance the pH of your soil and enhance your lawn service. Turfs with imbalanced pH levels create a harsh growing environment for your lawn and make it more susceptible to weeds and disease. The Lawn Cure lawn care experts will have just what the doctor ordered for your lawn.

Grub Control

Grub Control Is One Of The Most Vital Lawn Care Services. Grubs are beetle larvae that feed on the root system of your lawn. They can quickly get out of hand and attract other lawn pests such as moles that feed on the grubs, as well as undo many of your lawn care services. Homeowners who have noticed grubs or want to prevent grub infestations should call Lawn Cure for a grub control treatment early in the season in order to prevent damage.

Fungicide Treatments

Fungus can cause damage, especially to a young turf. If you water your lawn at night, you are allowing your lawn to become more susceptible to fungus as the dampness and lower temperatures promote fungal growth. Lawn Cure has the cure for it; our fungicide treatment will kill the fungus and get your lawn looking great again. Call today for all your fungicide needs and get the best lawn care in Louisville KY and Southern Indiana.