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Lawn Cure's Statement on COVID-19

During this period of great uncertainty as regards the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), our staff at Lawn Cure are proud to continue serving residences and businesses with ongoing lawn care, helping to maintain the safety, sanitation and operation of the properties we care for on a scheduled and ongoing basis.

As responsible Green Industry members of our community, we are committed to “best practices” as we deliver the scheduled services to your homes and businesses. Lawn Cure has in place complete sanitizing and cleaning regimes for the protection of both our staff and clients. Our lawn technicians are in a unique situation in that they work alone every day. They maintain social distancing, working outdoors, not entering our customer’s homes or businesses. We provide ongoing education for our team members as we work together through this unprecedented event.

Our wish is for all of you to be safe and remain well!

Kindest regards,

The Lawn Cure Team


Helping Your Lawn Recover from Drought Damage with Spring Spot Seeding

The drought we experienced in the late summer/early fall of 2019 caused some of our lawns to have bare spots and even larger areas of dead, matted grass. In addition, the lack of a true winter in 2019/20 will also cause weeds to flourish in these thin, bare areas of our lawns. We encourage all of our clients to follow these helpful suggestions as we move through our spring season:

Spring Spot Seeding

  1. After we have applied your 1st application of the year, wait at least 7 to 10 days before doing any lawn seeding.
  1. Rake through bare spots, removing any dead, matted grass. Turn over the dirt in these spots to break up the pre-emergent compounds (a garden weasel is a great tool for this!).
  2. Add Tall Turf Fescue grass seed to these prepared areas - Call Lawn Cure for help on picking the perfect seed!
  3. You can (though it’s not required) add some top soil and/or compost to these seeded areas to help enrich the soil and encourage seed germination.

Important to note:  Applying pre-emergent to your lawn in early spring is critical to help control crabgrass, but the pre-emergent will also kill any desirable grass seed that is applied if you don't prepare the soil with the steps listed above***

Reminder:  Regular lawn fertilization and weed control applications are essential in assisting your lawn in its drought recovery efforts!


When the Last Leaf Falls...

It's now officially winter but the leaves of most oak and ornamental pear trees have just now fallen.   Even though you may wish your leaf removal was done for the season, don’t forget to do a good raking/blowing of these final fallen leaves.  

Your landscape beds must also not be forgotten.  It's important to do one final cleaning of your shrub beds, as accumulated leaves and debris on and around the landscape plantings can be a winter haven for insects and other pests. Leaf litter in excess in your beds can also have a smothering effect to your landscape plantings. So, be sure to clean up the last of these stubborn leaves…then you can put your rake away until spring!  

Enjoy your winter season!


Winter Home Reminders

As we enter our winter season, here are a few reminders to help prepare your home and auto for the upcoming weather:

Home Tips:

  • Make sure all garden hoses are completely disconnected from water spouts
  • Check your doors and windows for leaky seals and repair as needed
  • Consider shutting heating vents off in areas of the home infrequently used to save on heating costs

Automobile Tips:

  • Check your tire pressures carefully and adjust as needed for the colder weather
  • Check your fluids, especially your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid
  • Store a blanket and extra coat/gloves in your auto in case of unexpected breakdowns.

And remember, if you do still have leaves in your lawn and/or landscape, please remove them as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage to your turf and plantings during the 2020 growing season.

We wish you and your family and warm and safe winter season!