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Choosing Your Lawn Care Provider

The onset of our spring season comes the time when most people search for and begin a lawn care service. Who to choose? It can be a tough decision, but here are some factors to consider when choosing your lawn care provider:

  1. 1. Credibility – Lawn Care providers are legally required to carry the proper business license, certification and insurance. Professionalism on all levels should be expected.
  2. 2. Service – How easy is it to reach your provider? Is it a local call? An email quickly replied to? If additional service is needed, is timely follow-up a company standard?
  3. 3. Instructions followed – If you are a property owner requiring notification prior to a planned visit, will your request be followed?
  4. 4. References – Friends and neighbors of the company you are considering should be satisfied with their service and with their results.
  5. 5. Active in lawn/landscape associations – a reputable company will be active in their industry’s local, state and national associations
  6. 6. Qualified reviews – visit such sites as the BBB and Google to read the comments about the provider you are considering. Other customer’s reviews can be helpful in the decision making process.
  7. 7. Personalized service – Be sure your program can be adjusted to accommodate your personalized needs.
  8. 8. Know exactly what you are getting – Is the number of services being applied in the year clear? Pricing understood? If an introductory price is offered, is there fine print on successive applications?

The basics of lawn care are clear and precise – the lawn care provider you choose should be the same.


Healthy Grow Organic Booster

Growing the most beautiful of lawns occurs when the turf plant has the proper building block in which to grow – top quality soil is the key! Enhancing your lawns' soil can be challenging since so much of the nutrient rich topsoil seems to be deficient in many lawns in our area. This is especially true at newer home sights where the good, nutrient-rich topsoil has been removed or washed out during the construction process.

Lawn Cure has a Foliar-Pak program to enhance your soil and to naturally and organically provide the critical nutrients necessary to improve turf and plant health. Our "Healthy Grow" Soil Enhancement Program is a 2-application program designed to complement and enhance your current lawn program to actually improve your soil quality. Benefits include:

  • Increased nutrient uptake by the turf
  • Microbial activity stimulated
  • Enhanced water-holding capacity by the turf
  • Promotes a natural tolerance to stress, pests and disease

Contact us at 812-246-8800 or 502-400-9499 or email us at for more information!!


Winter Home Tips

Now that winter is upon us and you have done the last of your lawn and landscape cleanup for the year, here are a few reminders for your home and auto as we move through the winter season.

Winter Home Tips:

  • Make sure all garden hoses are completely disconnected from water spouts
  • Check your doors and windows for leaky seals and repair as needed
  • Consider shutting heating vents off in areas of the home infrequently used to save on heating costs

Winter Automobile Tips:

  • Check your tire pressures carefully and adjust as needed for the colder weather
  • Check your fluids, especially your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid
  • Store a blanket and extra coat/gloves in your auto in case of unexpected breakdowns.

And remember, if you do still have leaves in your lawn and/or landscape, please remove them as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage to your turf and plantings during the 2019 growing season.

We wish you and your family and warm and safe winter season!


Why Winterize Your Lawn?

Winterizing your lawn is the process of spreading a high-quality fertilizer over the turf anytime between mid-November-early January. According to Purdue University and the University of Kentucky, the winterizing fertilization is your lawn's most important feeding of the year for several reasons:

Granular, winter fertilization…

  • promotes deeper root growth during the lawn's winter dormancy
  • encourages an earlier green-up of your lawn next spring
  • results in a healthier, more vigorous stand of turf next year

Helping our clients' lawns reach their full potential and preparing those lawns for the 2019 season is our greatest concern. If you are already a regular 6-application lawn client with Lawn Cure, rest assured this important fertilization is already a part of your program as the Round 6 application.

Not scheduled for Round 6 now? It's not too late! Simply contact our office to add this valuable service to your regular schedule.


5 Helpful Lawn Tips!!

As we move through the last two months of 2018, we reflect on the stress our turf and its root system has endured over the past year. Now is the time for a few last efforts that will do much to help our lawns as we move through the fall season. We hope the following tips will be of help in your outdoor endeavors:

Fall Maintenance Tip #1 – Fertilization

Feeding your lawn in the fall and again in early winter is the most important of all tips. Fertilization at this time will help boost the photosynthesis rate of the turf, and build carbohydrate reserves in the plant to help lawns green up in the spring. Late season fertilization also helps to increase the lawn's winter hardiness and promotes deeper root growth, resulting in a healthier lawn next season.

Fall Maintenance Tip #2 - Leaves and debris

Keep your lawn clear of leaves and other debris. Leaves left on the lawn for extended periods can smother your grass and leave you with areas of dead turf. Excessive leaves left on the lawn can also cause an imbalance in your soil's Ph, making for more difficult growing conditions next year. Landscape areas also need to be kept clean. Excess leaf litter can be a source of unwanted insects. Keep those rakes and leaf blowers active!

Fall Maintenance Tip #3 - Mowing

When mowing, always set your highest settings, one that leaves at least a 3" blade. Leaving the grass blade taller helps promotes a deeper and stronger root. Cutting the grass too short will stress out the blade/roots and cause the grass to brown out and in some cases, die out. Make sure your mower blades are sharp, as a dull blade can tear the grass and lead to browning out and health issues with your turf.

Fall Maintenance Tip #4- pH Soil Testing

Fall is an excellent time to have a soil test performed. If the soil's pH needs adjusting, lime or sulfur/gypsum products can be applied to adjust the natural balance needed to grow healthy turf. Lawn Cure can provide this soil analysis service upon request. Please see the attached information for details!

Fall Maintenance Tip #5- Landscape pruning and fertilization

Final pruning of certain landscape plantings (i.e. knock out roses, ornamental grasses, etc.) can be done after freezing temperatures have been experienced. Your landscape's roots also reestablish themselves over the winter 'dormant' season. Call Lawn Cure today for information about our Landscape Deep Root Feeding program and receive 10% off the first service!

We wish you a warm and safe fall season!!