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Is Your Lawn Going To Seed?

Is this scenario happening to you? It’s late spring and it has been 2 or 3 days since you have mowed the lawn. The lawn looks pretty great except you ask yourself… “What is that fuzziness on the top of my lawn? Is my beautiful, green lawn getting some weird weed infestation?”

Most likely, no. Just like we see our trees and shrubs going through their annual reproductive cycle (i.e, seedlings flying around everywhere!) it is the time of year that our grass goes to seed. The top of the blade will begin to flower and from a distance, looks like a fuzzy weed has overtaken your lawn.

This seed is not viable, just a phase in the life cycle of the plant. Be patient and keep mowing as normal and soon this “flowering” phase will pass.


Pre-Emergent and Spring Lawn Seeding

Have you had your pre-emergent lawn application and now think you can't seed until fall? Well, large seeding projects definitely need to wait until then, but small bare areas can be filled in with just a little work even after your pre-emergent has been applied.

Follow these instructions:

  1. After your 1st application of the year wait at least 7 to 10 days before doing any renovation of the lawn or seeding.
  2. Rake through those bare spots and turn over the dirt to break up the pre-emergent compounds. A garden weasel gardening tool works great for this!
  3. You can add some top soil to the bare spot to help enrich the soil, but not always required
  4. Add your seed, preferably turf-type tall fescue, to the top soil/bare spots
  5. Water your new seed each day until germination
  6. Baby your new seed throughout the summer with frequent watering, as it's root system is still quite shallow.

Remember, pre-emergent is critical to help control crabgrass, but it will also kill any seed that is applied without preparing the soil with the steps listed above. Be sure to always advise your lawn care company about any seeding you plan to do so your applications can be adjusted accordingly!


Early Spring - Time for Pre-Emergent Apps!

It's early spring and time for one of the most valuable products to be applied to our lawns all season - Pre-emergent!  Pre-emergents are specifically applied to our lawns and and landscape beds to help suppress certain plant species like crabgrass before they germinate and overtake our beautiful, green lawns and clean landscape beds.

In turf areas, pre-emergent suppresses unwanted annual grasses, such as crabgrass, goosegrass and foxtail. Pre-emergent is designed to work best in lawns that have a nicely established stand of turf. Ensuring a thick stand of turf requires proper mowing, leaving a minimum 3” blade behind, overseeding of bare spots, and of course regular, balanced fertilization applications. Another mowing tip....nice, clean edges make our lawns look great, but when that edge becomes a 4-6” trench, our lawns become susceptible to crabgrass and weed infestation, so definitely curb excessive edging.

Pre-emergents applied in landscape beds help suppress many annual grasses and weed varieties, minimizing the need for pulling these pests by hand by as much as 90%. For pre-emergent to be the most effective, a proper layer of mulch must be maintained. If new mulch is applied, pre-emergent should be reapplied, as undesirable weeds and grasses can easily germinate in the new mulch.

Lawn Cure's complete programs for both the lawn and landscape beds provides the perfect amount of pre-emergent at the best time for maximum success!

Spring Is Around the Corner!


As we move through the final weeks of winter, we are heartened to know spring is just a few weeks away…at least on the calendar!... and this means the lawn care season is once again upon us.

We highly anticipate the first lawn application for all of our clients as it sets the stage for the rest of the year. Why is the first application so important?

  • Pre-emergent, which is designed to control the majority of annual crabgrass and some weed varieties, must be applied prior to crabrass germination for premium effectiveness. The window of opportunity to get our pre-emergent down is generally from now through Derby.
  • A properly balanced fertilization is necessary as the lawn comes out of winter’s dormancy. This will help the turf recover for cold winter conditions and contribute toward a beautiful, healthy green lawn this year.
  • As soon as warmer temperatures return, spring weeds will begin to ‘pop’. Appropriate broadleaf weed controls will be applied with your first services to keep chickweed, henbit and dandelion populations ‘in check’ as they make their seasonal appearance.

Soon winter will be just a memory. Preparations have already been made to ensure a successful spring season. We hope to see you on your lawn soon!!


Thank You for a Wonderful 2021!

Our entire staff here at Lawn Cure just wanted to take a moment and thank all of our wonderful clients that have entrusted us to take care of their lawn care needs.  All of you, from those new this year to those that have been with us for over 40 years, are a treasure to us.  We pride ourselves in helping make your lawns the most beautiful they can be.

Have a wonderful winter season and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Happy 2022!!