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Preemergent down but now you need seed?

Posted 2017-04-18

Have you had your pre-emergent lawn application and now think you can't seed until fall? Well, large seeding projects definitely need to wait until then, but small bare areas can be filled in with just a little work even after your pre-emergent has been applied.

Follow these instructions:

  1. After your 1st application of the year wait at least 7 to 10 days before doing any renovation of the lawn or seeding.
  2. Rake through those bare spots and turn over the dirt to break up the pre-emergent compounds. A garden weasel gardening tool works great for this!
  3. You can add some top soil to the bare spot to help enrich the soil, but not always required
  4. Add your seed, preferably turf-type tall fescue, to the top soil/bare spots
  5. Water your new seed each day until germination
  6. Baby your new seed throughout the summer with frequent watering, as it's root system is still quite shallow.

Remember, pre-emergent is critical to help control crabgrass, but it will also kill any seed that is applied without preparing the soil with the steps listed above. Be sure to always advise your lawn care company about any seeding you plan to do so your applications can be adjusted accordingly!