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Red Thread Fungus

Posted 2014-06-11

Red thread lawn disease (aka Pink Patch) is a grass fungus we are seeing quite a bit as me move into our summer season.  Red thread is a fungal disease that is found in slow-growing, nitrogen-deficient turf grass such as bluegrasses, bentgrass, fescues, Bermuda grass and perennial ryegrass. The fungi are small, water-soaked spots that cover the leaf blade in a red or pink color. 

Most red thread develops when there is too much water on the top of the lawn,the soil quality is poor and/or the bottom of the roots are too dry. The best way to minimize Red Thread is by way of the following:

  • Don't water more than every 3 or 4 days per week.
  • Only water in the early morning hours.
  • Clean off your mower in between mowings...bag clippings for a while if Red Thread is severe.
  • You may need to add a little nitrogen to help combat the fungus, though too much Nitrogen can lead to a sister fungal disease, brown patch.  Seek professional advice on how much Nitrogen is the most beneficial.
  • A post-fungicide may help, but can be quite costly and is only warranted in truly severe cases. Seek professional advice.