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Watering Your Lawn in Summer

Posted 2017-06-21

With the heat of summer settling in, we begin spotting our lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems hard at work.

When is the best time to water my lawn?

MORNING!! (Approximately 5-9 a.m.) Morning is the best time to water for maximum benefit. The soil will become nicely saturated with morning watering, but the turf blade will be allowed to dry more quickly, helping prevent lawn disease. Evening watering will keep the grass blade wet overnight, which then becomes a major breeding ground for fungi.

How much water should I apply?

Water deeply and infrequently, usually 1-inch per watering session, 2-3 times/week, more if we are in drought conditions. Water pressure and irrigation heads may alter water output, so set out a shallow bucket while watering the first few times and allow an inch of water to collect. Note the time the sprinkler/irrigation was running in order to accumulate the inch of water and then you will know for a certainty how long to let your sprinklers/irrigation system run at each session.

What will happen if I decide not to water my lawn and my area is in a drought?

If we experience drought conditions and you choose not to irrigate, the turf will go dormant to protect the root system of the plant. The grass will green right back up with adequate water following mild to moderate drought conditions. If our area experiences an extended drought, some areas of the turf may be thinned or even completely die off. If this occurs, plan to seed (and water!) in the fall.