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3-Step Fungicide Program

Does Your Lawn Have Fungus?

Does your lawn become overrun with ugly brown patches in the hot summer months? Fungus is probably to blame. Protect your lawn during the stressful summer months with Lawn Cure’s Fungicide Program.

Growing the most beautiful lawn occurs when the turf plant has the proper growing conditions. Summer can bring the most stressful conditions lawns face all year. The excessive heat and high humidity can contribute to major disease outbreaks like brown patch and dollar spot.

Lawn disease especially targets grass planted within the last 1-2 years.

Lawn Cure’s Fungicide Program can help to reduce disease activity in the lawn during peak summer months. This 3-step program is designed to help protect your lawn during this time.

The Fungicide Program:

  1. Application #1: May-June
  2. Application #2: June-July
  3. Application #3: July-August

*We Recommend our 3-application program for complete protection as must fungicides last only up to 30 days.

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