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Lawn Care Services

Our six-step lawn care program is the perfect solution to help transform your yard into a beautiful lawn. Lawn Cure Lawn Care properly times each and every lawn care service for the maximum benefit to your lawn without the expense of unnecessary treatments. We’ll give your lawn a clean bill of health!

We design a unique lawn care fertilization and weed control program for your lawn with pre-planned scheduled applications that provide seasonal yard fertilization coverage. The timely applications of pre- and post-emergents, broadleaf weed controls, and fertilizations are done at the right time of the growing season to produce maximum results and keep your grass looking beautiful.

Our Proven Six-Step Lawn Care Program Includes:

  1. Pre-emergent for crabgrass and foxtail control will be applied along with broadleaf weed controls and balanced fertilization for an early spring green-up.
  2. The second application includes seasonal late-spring nutrients with complete broadleaf seasonal weed controls including dandelion control.
  3. The third step is a lawn care application of early summer nutrients and broadleaf weed controls.
  4. A non-burning granular summer feeding and/or summer broadleaf weed controls is applied.
  5. To combat fall season weeds, broadleaf weed controls will be applied along with fall fertilization.
  6. To promote deep root growth during winter dormancy, a heavy rate of granular fertilizer is applied.

We offer free consultations to inform you of proper mowing and watering schedules in order to maximize the health and beauty of your lawn. Our certified technicians are licensed and trained to ensure your lawn gets the proper attention and the detail it deserves to stay looking beautiful. Homeowners can rest assured that Lawn Cure Lawn Care guarantees the effectiveness of our lawn care applications and we are committed to providing the highest quality lawn care service for our customers.

In addition to our outstanding lawn fertilization program, we offer a complete set of lawn and landscape maintenance services including:

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