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Lawn Care Special - Pick 3 Offer

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  1. Grub Control
    Grub are beetle larvae that feeds on your lawn's roots system. They can quickly get out of hand attracting other lawn pests that feed on them - undoing many of our lawn care services. If you have noticed grubs or want to prevent grub infestations, choose Free Grub Control Program.
  2. Perimeter Insect Control (Indiana Residents Only)
    Perimeter Pest Control Service keeps bugs outside your home- where they belong. Application of a protective pest barrier around the outside of your home greatly minimizes the amount of crawling insects that enter it. Best of all, there are no pesticides inside your home, because they are applied to the exterior. You will receive spring, summer and fall applications.
  3. Landscape Insect Control
    Your beautiful landscaping can cost thousands of dollars. Protect your investment and allow it to reach its full potential with our 3 Step Landscape Insect Control Program. Three Applications: Your plant's foliage will be defended against destructive feeding insects and mites by the most scientifically advanced products available - three applications offer full season landscape protection.

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