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Tree and Shrub Care Services

Beautiful landscaping for your home can cost thousands of dollars, and maintaining the beauty for years to come can be difficult without proper maintenance. Our professionally trained tree and shrub service technicians are experts in landscape care. During the evaluation of your landscape needs, we determine the proper treatment for each tree and shrub, identifying the products to keep it healthy and control pests, all while also taking into consideration the possible effects on the surrounding landscape. To protect your investment and allow it to reach its full potential, Lawn Cure offers a 5-Step Tree and Shrub Care Program to keep your investment looking it's best from top to bottom.

Our carefully designed and tested landscape tree and shrub maintenance program is designed to maintain the beauty of your trees, shrubs and landscape beds by protecting the foliage of the plants, providing the necessary nutrients to the soil to encourage growth, and applying weed suppressants to keep your beds looking beautiful and weed free throughout the season.

Our 5 Step Tree, Shrub and Landscape Care Program Includes:

  1. Step 1: The first application of our landscape program is a deep root fertilization designed to promote lush foliage for the growing season. This is performed in the early spring.
  2. Steps 2-4: During these steps, the most scientifically advanced products are applied to defend your plants' foliage against destructive feeding insects and mites. For full season protection, this is done three times per year.
  3. Step 5: To encourage deep root growth throughout winter dormancy, the last step of our landscape tree and shrub fertilization program is to apply a winter fertilizer to help plants prepare and receive the proper nutrients during the dormant months, encouraging deep root growth of the plantings.

Landscape Bed Weed Control Service Program

Lawn Cure's Weed and Grass Suppression Service for landscape beds is designed to cut down on shrub bed weeds by as much as 90 percent. We apply both pre- and post-emergents to all mulched areas to drastically cut down on the amount of weeding time and optimize the rest of your lawn care. For best results, full season effectiveness, and prolonging of beautiful weed free landscape areas, this service is recommended five times per year. Residential and commercial owners who opt for weed control in landscape beds can look forward to the following weed and grass control service schedule:

Dormant Oil Service

In order to protect trees, shrub and plants from insects that feed on the landscaping during the growing season, winter and early spring are the perfect times to apply dormant oil to protect the beauty of your landscape. Dormant oil is one of the best protectors against springtime insects, and is applied before budding as the weather begins to warm. Dormant oil gets rid of most species of mites and scales before they start hurting plants. Our technicians apply a protective horticultural dormant oil coating on all plants before they start to bud, a service recommended annually to suppress scale populations.

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