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Worried About Bugs in the Cold?

Posted 2014-11-11

With cooler temperatures starting to reach our area, we may feel insect worries are behind us for the next several months.  But actually, as we move indoors to stay warm, insects want to do the same by attempting to follow us into our homes.  Stink bugs, box elder bugs and European lady bugs are just a few of the main home invaders we may see during winter. 

To help deter these unwanted pests from entering your home, it is helpful to follow these suggestions. 

  • Be sure to check that your doors, windows and attic screens are well-sealed
  • Do not stack firewood immediately next to the house. 
  • Consider doing a perimeter pest control application.   A properly sprayed perimeter application will include spraying around your entire home foundation, including door frames.  This creates a barrier that not only kills bugs on contact, but will deter them from crossing into your home for the next several weeks to follow.

Enjoy your cozy, warm homes this winter and keep bugs outside - where they belong!