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Posted 2015-04-27

A sure sign that spring has finally arrived is the first major bloom of dandelions. There seems to be a bumper crop of them, along with chickweed, henbit, clover and others all growing together. A few things will help to keep these nuisance weeds to a minimum:

  • Always mow the lawn at least 3 inches high. This will result in a thicker stand of turf that will help to crowd out weeds before they can get started.
  • If you choose to edge your lawn, keep your edging practices under control. If you edge too wide and deep (i.e. ‘trenching’), this creates a haven for weeds and crabgrass to germinate and flourish.
  • Properly applied post-emergent herbicides will suppress/control most weed varieties. Your professional lawn care provider should have things under control. If you are the DIY type, please READ THE LABEL! Be sure you are applying the correct product at the recommended rate. Not following instructions can and will lead to an unplanned lawn renovation.

Enjoy the spring, and don’t even think about watering the lawns! Nature has already provided an overabundance for the time being!