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Early Spring - Time for Pre-Emergent Apps!

Posted 2022-03-14

It's early spring and time for one of the most valuable products to be applied to our lawns all season - Pre-emergent!  Pre-emergents are specifically applied to our lawns and and landscape beds to help suppress certain plant species like crabgrass before they germinate and overtake our beautiful, green lawns and clean landscape beds.

In turf areas, pre-emergent suppresses unwanted annual grasses, such as crabgrass, goosegrass and foxtail. Pre-emergent is designed to work best in lawns that have a nicely established stand of turf. Ensuring a thick stand of turf requires proper mowing, leaving a minimum 3” blade behind, overseeding of bare spots, and of course regular, balanced fertilization applications. Another mowing tip....nice, clean edges make our lawns look great, but when that edge becomes a 4-6” trench, our lawns become susceptible to crabgrass and weed infestation, so definitely curb excessive edging.

Pre-emergents applied in landscape beds help suppress many annual grasses and weed varieties, minimizing the need for pulling these pests by hand by as much as 90%. For pre-emergent to be the most effective, a proper layer of mulch must be maintained. If new mulch is applied, pre-emergent should be reapplied, as undesirable weeds and grasses can easily germinate in the new mulch.

Lawn Cure's complete programs for both the lawn and landscape beds provides the perfect amount of pre-emergent at the best time for maximum success!