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Easing Your Lawn Out of the 2019 Drought

Posted 2019-10-16

In 2019, the months of August and September brought day after day of hot, dry weather. There was no rainfall for 5+ weeks!! During these stressful conditions, your lawn struggled to remain alive. Since the root is the life source of the plant, the root will draw all of the water and nutrients downward from the top blade, leaving nothing for the grass blade itself. This is why in drought conditions your lawn goes dormant, turning brown on top as the root system does everything possible to stay alive.

We have now received a little rain and the lawns are trying their best to green back up. If your lawn contains turf that is still brown and flat then most likely that turf died during the drought. Your best option is to rake up the dead grass and put turf-type tall fescue seed down to help revive these areas of the lawn. If you do nothing, then those areas will remain dead now and on into spring, with even bigger problems to face next year. Please try to do some fall seeding now!! Remember, if you decide to seed make sure you call your lawn care provider so they can adjust your next application to support the new seed.

Over the next few weeks will be the prime opportunity to help strengthen the turf and its root system with deep fertilization. Even better, try an application of our organic Healthy Grow soil enhancer. This wonderful product will bring additional micronutrients back to your depleted soil. As a bonus, Healthy Grow will cause the soil to loosen up and allow the roots to grow deeper, promoting a greener, more drought-resistant lawn for next year!