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Fall 2015 Update

Posted 2015-10-09

Helping your lawn recover from a year of weather extremes!!


The 2015 season has definitely been a difficult one for our lawns and landscapes. Damage, and even death of some plants, has been widespread. We have experienced:

  • Record Cold Temperatures (Polar Vortex) in late February through early March
  • Results: damage to tender new roots and turf blades
  • A Wetter than Average Spring followed by 90 degree temperatures in June
  • Results: phenomenal outbreak of turf diseases (fungus)
  • 8-10” of rainfall in early July, followed by heat indexes of 103 degrees
  • Results: Breakdown of pre-emergent which led to widespread crabgrass breakthrough. Yellow nutsedge was also almost uncontrollable.
  • Drought conditions in August – September
  • Results: lawns are showing stress and some dead areas where there are areas of poor soil in the lawn (like clay, rock, or other buried items that inhibit root growth).


Fall is the best time to do any type of major renovation / reseeding. Mid-October is usually the cut off period for assured seeding success. Beyond Mid-October spot raking and seeding can still be done. Make sure when doing any seeding to inform your lawn care provider so that appropriate adjustments can be made to your program.

With the fall and winter applications remaining this year, Lawn Cure will be providing the appropriate nutrients to help your lawn recover from these stressful weather conditions.

Fall is also a prime time to have your soil tested professionally to determine pH levels (soil acidity) and any nutrient deficiencies. Lawn Cure can provide this soil analysis service for you. 

As always we are available to discuss any of your lawn and landscape concerns.