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Flea and Tick Season Is Here!

Posted 2023-06-16

Summer is here and with our warm summer breezes comes a host of uninvited little creatures too!  Flea and Tick Season is upon us and both are having a stellar year!  Protecting our families and our pets is becoming an ever-greater concern as diseases spread by flea and tick bites are becoming more and more prevalent.

How can we help protect our families and pets from unwanted flea and tick infestations?  

  • Keep homes, lawns and landscape beds properly maintained and clean
  • For our pets, consult with your veterinarian for appropriate flea/tick preventatives
  • Your lawn care provider can apply proper host-specific insecticides in either granular and liquid formulations to both your turf and landscape areas to help keep flea and tick populations at a minimum on your property

Don't let fleas and ticks spoil you outdoor summer plans.  Act now to have a safe summer season!