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Get Your Landscape Ready With Fall Leaf Removal

Posted 2013-11-08

As the temperatures start to cool down, there is still a lot of work to do on your landscape. Some of the work is in an effort to prepare it for the cold temperatures while other tasks are to ensure a healthy growing environment once spring rolls around once again. Whatever the reason, you should definitely discuss fall clean-up and leaf removal with your Lawn Care Louisville KY care professional.

While many Lawn Care Louisville KY care companies do offer fall leaf removal, there are some steps you can take in between visits. Raking leaves is almost an American past time, but you may not know how beneficial this habit actually is. If leaves are left on your Lawn Care Louisville KY, the turf beneath will not have adequate access to sunlight, water or other nutrients it needs, especially during a time when daylight is fading and your Lawn Care Louisville KY needs to soak up all it can while it’s available.

Another great reason to have fallen leaves removed from your landscape is because of the risk of developing fungus. The damp leaves are the perfect breeding ground for mold, especially if you have temperature drops. Some unlucky homeowners may not discover until spring that a fungus has developed and by then, the damage may be so severe that a Lawn Care Louisville KY renovation is required.

Do you have a vibrantly green Lawn Care Louisville KY? If you want it to remain that way, leaf removal is a must. A blanket of leaves can cause your Lawn Care Louisville KY to brown. Leaf removal may seem like a lot of work, but you can simplify the process by deciding to mulch the leaves rather than rake them. Mulching allows you to put the nutrients within the leaves back into the ground since the mulched leaves will decompose over time.

Talk with your Lawn Care Louisville KY care professional about your upcoming leaf removal/fall clean-up needs!