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Healthy Grow Organic Booster

Posted 2019-01-31

Growing the most beautiful of lawns occurs when the turf plant has the proper building block in which to grow – top quality soil is the key! Enhancing your lawns' soil can be challenging since so much of the nutrient rich topsoil seems to be deficient in many lawns in our area. This is especially true at newer home sights where the good, nutrient-rich topsoil has been removed or washed out during the construction process.

Lawn Cure has a Foliar-Pak program to enhance your soil and to naturally and organically provide the critical nutrients necessary to improve turf and plant health. Our "Healthy Grow" Soil Enhancement Program is a 2-application program designed to complement and enhance your current lawn program to actually improve your soil quality. Benefits include:

  • Increased nutrient uptake by the turf
  • Microbial activity stimulated
  • Enhanced water-holding capacity by the turf
  • Promotes a natural tolerance to stress, pests and disease

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