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Helping Your Lawn Recover from Drought Damage with Spring Spot Seeding

Posted 2020-02-20

The drought we experienced in the late summer/early fall of 2019 caused some of our lawns to have bare spots and even larger areas of dead, matted grass. In addition, the lack of a true winter in 2019/20 will also cause weeds to flourish in these thin, bare areas of our lawns. We encourage all of our clients to follow these helpful suggestions as we move through our spring season:

Spring Spot Seeding

  1. After we have applied your 1st application of the year, wait at least 7 to 10 days before doing any lawn seeding.
  1. Rake through bare spots, removing any dead, matted grass. Turn over the dirt in these spots to break up the pre-emergent compounds (a garden weasel is a great tool for this!).
  2. Add Tall Turf Fescue grass seed to these prepared areas - Call Lawn Cure for help on picking the perfect seed!
  3. You can (though it’s not required) add some top soil and/or compost to these seeded areas to help enrich the soil and encourage seed germination.

Important to note:  Applying pre-emergent to your lawn in early spring is critical to help control crabgrass, but the pre-emergent will also kill any desirable grass seed that is applied if you don't prepare the soil with the steps listed above***

Reminder:  Regular lawn fertilization and weed control applications are essential in assisting your lawn in its drought recovery efforts!