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Lawn Care Tip: De-Grub Your Lawn

Posted 2013-10-02

Think grubs are something that happens in other people’s back yards? Think again! Lawn care experts estimate that grubs cause more than $ 234 million in damage annually. And those are just the people who actually do something about it.

So what are grubs? Most people are familiar with Japanese beetles. These insects are serious problems for trees. So while your focus may be on protecting your ornamentals, you may not know that you’re also protecting your Lawn Care Louisville KY as well. Grubs are the offspring of Japanese beetles. Before they set up shop in your trees, they lay their eggs underground. The white c-shaped larvae hatch and immediately begin feeding upon the root system of your turf. This feeding can continue for more than a year, and unfortunately it takes about that much time for homeowners to notice the damage. However, by the time damage is noticeable, it’s too late and the turf may need to be replaced completely.

Unfortunately, just being attentive to your Lawn Care Louisville KY won’t discourage an attack of grubs. Healthy, moist Lawn Care Louisville KYs are actually ideal for these pests, much in the way healthy heads of hair are ideal for lice on humans. Signs that grubs have already begun to set up shop under your Lawn Care Louisville KY are brown spots and grass that pull away easily from the soil. The eggs hatch in the late summer months, but the damage likely will not appear until the early fall months.

Although you can buy grub control products, it’s best to put it in the hands of a Lawn Care Louisville KY care professional because not only will you have to remove the grubs, but the damage to your Lawn Care Louisville KY is irreversible and new grass will have to be laid or planted.

The best course of action is a preventative measure. Call your Lawn Care Louisville KY servicer to set up an appointment for a grub prevention treatment before the grubs not only eat away at your grass, but your finances as well.