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Lawn Cure's Product Safety

Posted 2021-12-06

As homeowners, we all want our properties to be as well-kept and beautiful as possible. Having a gorgeous, green lawn plays a key role in doing that! More importantly, though, than the the appearance of our homes is the safety of our family and Lawn Cure, we put the safety of our clients and staff above all else! This means the safety of our products is of the upmost priority to us.

All of the products applied to our clients’ lawns to help make our turf thick, green, and beautiful are regulated by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist at Purdue University and by the EPA. The most important thing to remember when using any type of lawn care product is to be sure the products are being applied using the proper equipment at the exact rate according to each product’s label. The products also must be applied by a licensed, trained applicator. All of our lawn technicians have been fully trained and are licensed to ensure that the products applied to our clients' lawns will be done so in a safe and effective manner. The only restrictions after any of our applications is to stay off the lawn until the application is dry, a maximum of 2 hours. After this time has passed, you and your family and pets are able to use the lawn again without restrictions.

Having a beautiful lawn is our goal but doing it in a safe and effective manner is Lawn Cure's priority!!