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Look Out For Grub Worms!

Posted 2014-07-14

As we enter mid-July, it is important to be on the lookout for grub worms in your lawn. The majority of grub worms we see in lawns are the larvae of Japanese Beetles, who lay their eggs in mid-summer.  These Japanese beetle eggs turn into the grub worm. Grub worms especially enjoy feeding on cooler season turf, like Bluegrass lawns.


So how do you know for sure if your lawn has grubs?  Grub worms feed on the root system of your lawn, causing the lawn to brown and begin coming up in clumps.  If you notice this happening, peel back part of the brown section, and you will most likely see the actual white worms. 

Once you know that grub worms are feeding on your lawn, a grub worm treatment must be applied in order to prevent excessive damage. This is best done in late summer, while the grubs are still small and easier to control. Of course, the grub worm treatment can also be applied as a preventative so you never have to worry about these damaging insects ruining your lawn. Remember, one treatment per year is all that is necessary for year-long grub worm control.  Please call us at Lawn Cure to schedule this important service!