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Seed Now!

Posted 2016-10-17

October brings to an end the prime season for lawn renovation/seeding.

This past summer's brutal heat wreaked havoc on many stands of our cool-season turf.

If your lawn has dead, thin or bare areas, the following suggestions will help your lawn 'recover':

  • -Thoroughly rake any dead, thin or bare areas to remove thatch or dead material and prepare a proper seed bed.
  • -Apply seed, preferably a blend of turf-type tall fescue (which is more heat and drought tolerant).
  • -Unless the areas being renovated are quite large, applying straw is generally not necessary.
  • -Keep the newly seeded areas damp (light watering). A good rain eliminates the need for you to water.
  • -As soon as the new grass is tall enough, begin mowing. A mowing height of 3 inches is always recommended.

***Remember*** IF you do any sort of seeding, PLEASE notify your lawn care provider so a proper adjustment can be made to your application schedule.