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Sowing Grass in Early Spring

Posted 2018-02-20

Major seeding projects are best left for the fall of the year, but if you would like to do some spot seeding in early spring to fill in any bare areas in your lawn, we encourage you to utilize the following suggestions:

  • A. Use a garden rake or weasel and rake thru/turn over the dirt of the bare spots.
  • B. We suggest adding a little new topsoil to the bare spots for added micronutrients, enhancing seed germination.
  • C. Sprinkle your grass seed over the topsoil. If you live in the Ohio Valley, Turf-type Tall Fescue is by far the superior seed of choice. Be 100% sure there are no fillers in your seed, like bluegrass, rye grass, or red creeping fescue. No need to add straw.
  • D. Water the spots a little each day until you see the seed germinate
  • E. It is better to spot seed about 2 weeks after your spring pre-emergent application and not before (Step A above will negate the effects of the pre-emergent, so your new seed will be able to germinate without hinderance).

REMEMBER: If you seed in spring, it is VERY IMPORTANT to notify your lawn care provider so any late spring pre-emergent does not get applied to the new seed until that new seed has germinated and you have been able to mow these spots twice.