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Spring Is Around the Corner!

Posted 2021-02-18


After several years with little to no true winter, the winter of 2020-21 has finally brought us some cold temperatures and snowfall.  But- no worries! - spring is just a few weeks away…at least on the calendar!

As soon as the grass is clear of snow and ice, the lawn care season will be upon us. The first application of the season sets the stage for the rest of the year for several reasons:

  • Pre-emergent, which is designed to control the majority of annual crabgrass and some weed varieties, must be applied prior to seed germination for premium effectiveness. The window of opportunity is generally from now through Derby.
  • A properly balanced fertilization is necessary as the lawn comes out of dormancy. This will help the turf recover from this harsh winter and contribute toward a beautiful, healthy green lawn.
  • As soon as normal temperatures return, spring weeds will begin to ‘pop’. Appropriate broadleaf weed controls will be applied to keep chickweed, henbit and dandelion populations ‘in check’ as they make their seasonal appearance.

Soon winter will be just a memory. Preparations have already been made to ensure a successful spring season.  We hope to see you on your lawn soon!!