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Spring Is Near - What to Expect

Posted 2016-01-29

As winter draws to a close, the spring green-up of lawns, landscapes and trees looms on the horizon. While spring renewal is always an exciting time, patience is still required for the full effect.

Our area has many varieties of grasses and plants that all green up in their own due time. As a general rule:

  • Seeded lawns tend to green up before sodded lawns
  • Fescue, bluegrass and ryegrass lawns all green up at least 1-2 months before zoysia and Bermuda grass (the latter thrives in 80°-90° temperatures)
  • Landscapes and trees also have their own schedule for producing new growth. Some plants may not hit full, new foliage until late-May or June
  • Plants, both lawns and landscapes, may also green up at different rates based on sun exposure and radiant heat from brick or asphalt/concrete surfaces

Extra watering, mowing or pruning are not necessarily recommended or needed while plants are still dormant.

Enjoy the natural changes as life returns!