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Spring Seeding - Pros & Cons

Posted 2015-04-08

Fall seeding most always results in greater success in establishing turf. The warmer soil temperatures along with fall rains and cooler nights are a grass growers delight. If spot-seeding is needed is spring, however, a few things should be kept in mind.

  • Soil temperatures must be at least 55 degrees for seed to germinate
  • New seedlings most likely will not mature by summer, and may succumb to excessive heat, drought or disease
  • Pre-emergent is applied to turf in spring to control crabgrass. This product basically kills crabgrass in seed form and will also have a negative effect on new turf grass seed.

IF spring spot-seeding is still desired, a couple of things should be done:

  1. Contact your lawn care provider to be sure your seeding plans will harmonize with your current application program.
  2. Lightly rake/garden weasel the area to be seeded. This will prepare a better seed bed and effectively cancel out the possible negative effects of pre-emergent (if already applied).
  3. If you have already done some early season seeding, contact your lawn care provider immediately so application adjustments can be customized to your circumstances.

Communication is a key factor to successful lawn seeding/renovation. We are happy to share any suggestions needed pertaining to seed variety, timing, etc.