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Spring Lawn & Landscape Tips

Posted 2016-02-22

Coming out of winter, time spent outdoors in our lawns and landscapes is highly anticipated by many. Here is a short list of things to do:

  • Clean up any leaf accumulations and/or old, dead grasses still present from both the lawn and landscape beds
  • Have lawn mower serviced and blade sharpened
  • Mowing of turf is generally best done at 3” (usually about 1-nothch down from your highest mower setting). Taller grass will build stronger root systems and help protect the lawn during heat stress periods!
  • Be sure your mower is set on the mulching setting – do not bag the grass. Those grass clippings provide vital nutrients to your lawn.
  • Pre-emergent put down over new grass seed will kill the seed. Avoid newly seeded areas with spring pre-emergent. If you have already put down pre-emergent and you still want to do some spot seeding, simply turn the dirt over well with a hoe or rake. Disturbing the soil with break down the pre-emergent and your grass seed will be allowed to germinate.
  • Don’t be quick to start pruning your shrubs! New growth should be allowed to mature/harden off before pruning. Flowering plants should not be pruned until after the flowering period has ended.