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Suffering Landscapes!

Posted 2015-05-13

So many homeowners aspire to having a beautiful, unique landscape. Sometimes that ‘uniqueness’ comes with a price. We are generally considered climate Zone 5, a transitional zone from north to south. Many landscape items have been showing up that are meant for Zones 6 & 7, true southern zones. For some years, all may seem well, but the record cold of the past two winters have left some landscapes with dead and/or greatly distressed plantings that now have to be removed and replaced.

Some of the plants that are now ‘history’ are:

  • Leyland cypress (once a beautiful individual or wind-break, privacy choice)
  • Crepe myrtle (known for their gorgeous colorful blooms)
  • Nandina, some varieties (their red foliage puts the burning bush to shame)
  • Holly, some varieties
  • Boxwood, some varieties

This is just a short list, there are others. When choosing plant material, take time to do the research. Winter, disease and insect hardiness should all be considered, in addition to the expected size of the plant at maturity and planting location. Discussing your choices with qualified nursery personnel will serve as a protection to your long-term landscape investment.