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Summer Lawn Watering Tips

Posted 2014-06-30

Summer is here!  And as we spend more time outside in the warm sunshine enjoying our lawns, we might start noticing those beautiful spring-time green lawns have begun to get a bit dry and brown as our rainfall becomes more sporadic.  Proper watering is a must!!  Follow these guidelines to give your lawn that green "POP!" once again.

Hydration is essential to your lawn’s health. For maximum results, it is recommended that 1-2 inches of water be applied to the lawn each week. This water can come from either rain or manual irrigation via your lawn sprinkler. If we enter a period with little rainfall, think about running your sprinkler or irrigation system. It is most beneficial to run your sprinkler in the early morning hours so that the soil can absorb all moisture before any sun and/or heat has a chance to evaporate the water away. Generally, running your sprinkler (or irrigation system) for 30 minutes 2 or 3 times per week in the early morning hours should suffice to keep your lawn in good health. Try to avoid night watering if possible, as this can lead to disease issues in the lawn.