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"Not So Gentle" Summer Rains

Posted 2015-07-27

Usually we are begging for rain from June – August. Not this year. Record precipitation in June followed by flooding in July has certainly made things exciting at the least. Most lawns and landscapes are as verdant green for mid-summer as we have seen. With the overabundance of precipitation there are some concerns to watch for:

  • Some lawns are yellow, in effect drowning from submerged root systems.
  • Various disease/fungus outbreaks rely on heat and moisture to develop. Disease activity is running rampant on turf, landscape, flower and vegetable gardens concurrently.
  • Pre-emergent is at the end of its duration of prime effectiveness. Minor break-thru can be expected, especially in areas of thin turf or bare ground.
  • Yellow nutsedge (aka water grass, nut grass, swamp grass) is thriving in these saturated conditions.
  • The eggs of certain insects rely on adequate soil moisture to develop. This includes the larva of many beetles (white grub worms) which eat the lawn’s root system, and army worms that devour the lawn itself. Either can cause great damage in a relatively short amount of time.
  • If you have not done so already, contact us for information on how to prevent serious grub worm and army worm damage.

We can’t control the weather. Knowing the possible repercussions of weather extremes and how to minimize undesirable side effects is crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape.