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Warning! Did You Seed Last Fall? Watch Out for Fungus!

Posted 2023-05-03

Fall overseeding is wonderful for our lawns, but did you know your beautiful new green grass becomes especially susceptible to fungus infestation the very next spring and summer?

What is fungus? Fungus is the general term for disease that infects the blade of the turf. It presents as ugly brown lesions on the individual blade which in turn gives the lawn an appearance of brown patches and on overall discoloration. Fungus loves to grow and thrive in the most beautiful of lawns. The younger the grass is (yes, your new grass from last fall’s seeding!) the more vulnerable it is to fungus outbreaks.

Protect both your new and existing turf with Lawn Cure’s 3-Step Fungicide Program. Our fungicide applications performed from May-August can help reduce disease activity in the lawn during peak summer months. Click here for more details!