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Why Are Lawns Stressed?

Posted 2018-06-12

Most lawns in our area seem to be under stress more than is typical for early summer. Why? Simply put – We Had No Spring!! We went from winter to summer, it seemed overnight, and these extremes in our weather conditions are a HUGE factor in the health of our lawns.

As we reflect back to winter, it seemed never-ending. Though February graced us with some pleasant days, March was harsh, even giving us accumulating snows. As we looked forward to warmer temperatures in April, for the most part, we were disappointed, as April 2018 was the coldest April on record. Our lawns were supposed to be coming out of winter's dormancy, yet most barely grew in April. In fact, for most of us, this was the latest we had ever to begin mowing our lawns – they simply were not growing.

Things changed – and quickly! - come May. Overnight, we went from sweater weather to shorts and tee shirts. May was HOT – the hottest May on record. Our lawns just could not quickly adapt to such wide temperature fluctuations. New lawns, seeded last fall or this spring, have especially suffered.

Though we can't do a thing about our temperature extremes, we can continue to baby our lawns as we move through summer by following these 3 tips:

  1. Mow nice and tall, no shorter than 3".
  2. Water your lawn early in the morning when we go through dry periods.
  3. Stay on your regular lawn application treatment schedule.

As your professional lawn care company, feel confident we will customize your program to best fit whatever extremes in temperature our area faces to maximize the benefits to your lawn!