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Why Winterize Your Lawn?

Posted 2018-11-16

Winterizing your lawn is the process of spreading a high-quality fertilizer over the turf anytime between mid-November-early January. According to Purdue University and the University of Kentucky, the winterizing fertilization is your lawn's most important feeding of the year for several reasons:

Granular, winter fertilization…

  • promotes deeper root growth during the lawn's winter dormancy
  • encourages an earlier green-up of your lawn next spring
  • results in a healthier, more vigorous stand of turf next year

Helping our clients' lawns reach their full potential and preparing those lawns for the 2019 season is our greatest concern. If you are already a regular 6-application lawn client with Lawn Cure, rest assured this important fertilization is already a part of your program as the Round 6 application.

Not scheduled for Round 6 now? It's not too late! Simply contact our office to add this valuable service to your regular schedule.