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"I'm Hungry! Feed me!"

Posted 2014-12-23

Any mowing being done now is generally to clean up the lawn from lingering leaf debris. Grass, at least the part we see, has slowed down greatly and in some turf varieties has come to a complete stop. Winter dormancy gives us a reprieve from some of our weekly outdoor chores. Your lawn, however, is still actively growing. Consider this:

  1. In the summer months the root system of our cool season grasses actually die back from heat and drought stress.
  2. In the winter months the roots of turf re-establish themselves. This applies to trees and shrubs, too.
  3. A couple of healthy feedings with a balanced blend of fertilizer will promote a deeper root system resulting in a stronger, healthier lawn.
  4. A well-established root system will then act as a ‘food pantry’, storing vital energy that will be used by the plant next spring.

We all look forward to the spring green-up. Now is the time to lay the proper foundation for a successful 2015 season.