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Winter Landscape Damage

Posted 2023-02-22

In addition to the excessive heat & drought-stress of 2022, our area experienced record cold in late December with -20 degree windchills. As a result, many plants have suffered major freeze damage.

A few of the plants on this list include:

Laurel, nandina, butterfly bushes, boxwood, holly, euonymus, English ivy, and many more.

The long-term effect is not yet known. What can be done now for damaged plants?

  • Be patient. It may be May/June before we see new growth, assuming that this season’s buds were not also damaged.
  • Do NOT prune now! Pruning now would be nothing more than guesswork, and the prune cuts could cause further stress to the plant.
  • Prune after new growth appears. At this point the outer dead material will be clearly visible and can be removed.
  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Over fertilization can weaken the plant and compromise its recovery.

Lawn Cure offers a balanced, organic fertilization program specifically designed for landscapes. If you would like assistance in this regard, please contact the office at 812-246-8800 and we will be happy to assess your landscape and provide a quote.

Ultimately, time and patience will be the determining factor. If the plant does not recover, the next step would be to replace it. Using a more tolerant plant variety should be considered.