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Plan Your Fall Seeding Now!

Posted 2023-07-31

Don't wait until this fall to plan seeding for your lawn.  Once the September seeding season arrives, many lawn care companies' seeding spots are almost sold out.  Lawn Cure is no exception.  In a typical year, Lawn Cure will perform our seeding services until early October, but the majority of these spots are sold out by early to mid September.  

What type of seeding should you order?  The choices for lawn seeding are abundant, and it can be confusing deciding which is best option for your lawn.  Seeding choices include overseeding, aeration and overseeding, organic aeration and overseeding, powerseeding. Unsure of exactly which seeding service is the best option for your lawn?  Have your lawn evaluated by an expert to help you decide the perfect lawn rejuvenation seeding option.  At Lawn Cure, our team of specialists can evaluate your lawn and let you know which seeding service is the best fit for the current needs of your lawn. 

Remember, plan your lawn rejuvenation work now to assure your seeding is done at the best time of year, giving your lawn the most spectacular results!